NED19: Admin and SFDX

get this presentation to see all the exact commands

  • every command has a help guide
  • don't need to use scratch orgs - he doesn't know anyone who does
  • big win of SFDX is multiple logins
    • open alias - opens in browser

moving metadata

  • run tests - selective or all
  • pull changesets and then push to other orgs
  • watching changeset progress possible, validation/check possible
  • deploy from directory possible - could be useful in sandbox quick checks
  • Moving Massive Metadata
    • video on how to create 500 fields
    • XML file -> copy field, use Excel to generate fields, copy back into XML file
    • did it on Page Layout too
  • using changeset to identify just particular objects etc to download that metadata

Export Data from CLI

  • Run SOQL right from sfdx, straight to csv file if necessary
    • sfdx force:data:soql:query
    • can pull json with --json
  • sfdx force:data:record:get examples
    • sfdx force:data:record:get -s Account -i 001D000000Kv3dl
    • sfdx force:data:record:get -s Account -w "Name=Acme"
    • sfdx force:data:record:get -s Account -w "Name='Universal Containers'"
    • sfdx force:data:record:get -s Account -w "Name='Universal Containers' Phone='(123) 456-7890'"
    • sfdx force:data:record:get -t -s TraceFlag -i 7tf170000009cUBAAY --perflog --json
  • sfdx force:data:bulk looks interesting!
  • sfdx report building - commandline sort multiple Object types into one combined report

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