NED19: Lighting Ex

Simplicity > Consistency > Ease of Use


  • Use navigation tabs to show only what is relevant
  • Use Apps to define what tabs they see, have focused Apps
  • Use Set Component Visibility to hide irrelevant components
    • look into Rich Text Field for links etfc (like the child data links)
    • you can use parts of email address or department attribute of user and permission sets
  • Use Compact Layout to highlight key info
  • Use minimal Tabs to simplify all record pages
  • Use Related List Quick Links


  • same rough layout on each object

Ease of Use

  • Global actions - the little plus sign
  • 3-5 features, for things like logging call etc
  • Utility bar to house macros etc
    • list view in utility bar
      • you can pop the list view out and have it control the main view
  • Home page list views
  • Use Rich Text Components to show relevant hyperlinks, alerts and reminders
  • Report charts relevant for the screen

Theme and branding (we already have customized)

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