NED19: Automate all the things

Know your process

People stuff first, you have to know the people and what they do and WHY

Process learning techniques

    • Salesforce Admin by walking around
    • ask to see common process
    • not to check if they are "correct", but just to chech reality
    • mobile, desktop, virtual, doesn't have to be in person
      • KATIE shadowing opportunities
  • The 5 Whys
    • story of the Lincoln Memorial with bird poop and lights
    • get past obvious (Root Cause Analysis)
      • ie Finance spreadsheets
  • OpenEnded Questions
    • requires a response different than yes or no
    • ask things like "how", "why", "what"
      • how is the information collected
      • what reports do you need regulary
      • why does your data get formatted that way

Process Mapping Techniques

Low tech: whiteboards, sticky notes

  • assemble cross-functional teams
  • determine individual process setps and who does
  • identify key areas:
    • optimization hot spots
    • deliverables and outputs
    • handoffs between teams
    • "secret spreadsheets"
    • duplicate effort

Middle Tech: Cross-functional flowcharts

  • often used software Visio lucidchart
  • each "swim-lane" represnets a function
  • breezetree article flow

High Tech: Process Mapping Software

  • (Ian Gotts)
  • Nintex

Choose the Right Tools

  • Quick Actions
    • simple to create
    • great for mobile and desktop
    • useful for common tasks
    • "Custom buttons" for the Lightning Era
  • Approval Processes (!!!)
    • good for simple processes
    • (interface leaves something to be desired)
    • may want to use Roles or custom user fields for hierarchies
      • can use custom fields to handle escalation
      • can have criteria set up about which record should enter the stage
    • can prevent record changes while in approval process
      • maybe for Budget Line Items
      • maybe for Volunteer Registrations
      • can use it just to make sure each step is used like an assembly process, less about "approval" per se
    • Process Builder
      • great for creating or updating records
      • Immediate or Time-delayed actions
      • Easy to understand
      • Don't go overboard
        • 1 main process per object - use sub-processes to control order of operations) (Salesforce best practice) - invocable sub-processes
    • Flow Builder
      • Enables rich user input
      • Allows record deletion
      • More complicated than PB, but still visual
      • The new hotness
    • Macros (!!!)
      • Recordable by end users
      • Great for repeated tasks
      • Editable and shareable
      • Not console only
      • Can have step logic
      • Can do emails
        • can insert at cursor, after/before/replace
        • must implement for Patrick
    • Code: Apex Triggers/Lightning Components
      • sample gallery
      • Automation Home (Beta)

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