WordCamp 2019 - Purpose Driven Sites

data-focused or audience focused

user personas

  • mayor
    • goals - needs new city site
    • target audience members of the community, visitors
    • fun fact
  • CMO at SAAS
    • needs to update site
    • target audience

discovery phase - audience-focused

Current site

  • how often do you use the site
  • which device do you visit on
  • what is your main reason for visiting
  • what do you have trouble finding?
  • rate current site 1-10

Wish list

  • what must haves?
  • top 3 things accessible right away
  • other sites we can use for inspiration

doing actual user surveys, limited to most critical answers
needs good cross section
opt-in to phone interview at the end of the survey

Focus groups

have them do common tasks together
can do brainstorming too

do we have a process map that mirrors this for our projects??? #todo because we don't

discovery phase - data-focused

  • analyze current site
  • who what where when why of visitors
  • detail of when
    • lots of new users is good for leads, tracking what pulls them in
    • returners show content drive
  • session monitoring
    • actually records their actions and movements -- could be great for JStats
    • inspectlet and hotjar are two services -- https://www.hotjar.com/pricing basic/2k per day is free, do that
  • A/B testing to look at data outcomes
    • Google Analytics Experiments can do some things
    • other sources, probably some WP plugins -- how would that work with static sites? data driven cycle v the above audience driven cycle




quotes from feedback

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