NED19: Keynote Education Transformation through Trust Networks

Phil Kourmany

State of industry

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
Alvin Toffer

  • Not episodic learning, constant learning and back and forth
  • UofMaryland 96% ready, IBM saying 11%
  • silos exist on all campuses
  • Conductor of Information Orchestra

Small scale innovation - low to no budget (ummm, middle)

Seton Hill - first on iPads everywhere

  • spent year going over why tech was failing them before the iPad program launch
    • changed relationship with device - like "your kids photos are on here" to explain why passwords more
    • Seton's infrastructre in 2010:
    • IT/Finance went from last to first, because they listened and updated
    • found value proposition for different users
    • They all had one mission - Recruit and Educate~ Students - and any staff person could tell you that

Large Scale innovation - Texas sized budget

  • $100mil
  • project failed probably because not enough communication
  • worked with Admiral "Make your bed"
  • ERPs integrated into a profile for their students -- changed into conversation on student success and worked backwards to DB
    • integration of LMS, ERP, career system, into one cohesive experience for students
    • students in Rio Grande Valley got to benefit
  • 2015 - they were working on blockchain to track student skills

Salesforce for DX in education

Emergent Technologies for DX

SF Blockchain

  • computable badges - OBIv2
    • Trailhead/AWS educate/others certify completion
  • tools of transformation
    • JDX - JobSchema
    • mapping curriculum learning objectives - Course (something) to let translate skills to employer
  • to share data with other orgs, traceable
    • could be used across nonprofits for....something
    • cost?
    • student tracking - they get one block record, synced across orgs, updated with education as they go, they get access to show an employer, etc
  • Sawtooth
    • Hyperledger implementation
    • Smart Contract, Consensus, something else
    • Open itself, others can integrate into it
    • retains partial data

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