NED19: Building a Template for Success


Custom Metadata and Flow

  • NISC (Michelle's company)
    • 800 members (customers)
    • 75+ products (220+ SKUs)
    • 11+6 staff
  • Contracts get technical
    • Created SOS, Services Outisde of Standard, custom object on orders
      • capture special requests
        • multiple years of data
        • APIs and integrations
      • track missing information
        • imports from current docs
        • number of licenses needed
      • verify standard config details
        • ie physical v virtual
  • Problems
    • 50+ types potentially on Opps
    • people not creating them

They want to choose on demand SOSes at any given time not only in response

CMDT is just static data stored by itself, like a one-off record

New Process

  • New requirements
    • Display master list of SOS (from Excel)
    • SMs select & create SOSes on demand
    • Maintain standard data in fields
    • Continue to prevent duplicates
    • but this system requires system controls, it can't be 100% controlled
    • but data changes frequently, how can we sustainably maintain it
    • but what about items missed during the cycle
  • Suggestion: just clone - won't work
    • field level security, product managers quote custom products
    • sales ops has to confirm
    • changing data, changes with staff
    • validation procedures change
    • no duplicate management
  • New Idea - record template - CMDT
    • 46 "Standard" SOSes
      • same basic info each each time (ie you want to virtualize servers, here are the requirements)
    • Create from Template
      • ensures complete and accurate info
    • Easy as a Custom Object
      • CMDT fields map to SOS record fields

To design:

Doing dupe check with flag on originating record
CMDT supports text, number, picklist

Call Capture example:


  • looks up opportunity
  • checked for SOS
  • check type of Opp
    • looks up SOSes that are compatible to show user
    • Allows them to pick 1+ SOS
      • make sure again that they don't exist
      • Pull all valid ones CMDT and use to populate records
      • sets data and creates SOS per each
        • can use the Opp data fields to name/populate SOS fields

Other Ideas

  • Country/Region Mapping
    • ex one record
      • Country: USA
      • Region: North American
  • Record Type ID to Record Type Name mapping
    • just generally use a CMDT to get dynamic IDs, like JStartImportantIdsc.AdminUserIdc
  • pricing structures
    • product sku map etc
  • automation on/off switches
    • have a check for the CMDT with a checkbox on can_automate
  • Project Estimates
    • Object for requests, so use CMDT to profile tasks and their values

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