WordCamp 2019 - Accessibility Made Easy pt2, Auditing

people with disabilities for over $2 trillion in income globally
WP runs over 1/3 of the internet, so we can make a difference

  • Use a code validator, simple process
  • use automated testing tools
  • put mouse away and try it

  • Axe - will highlight in the view, you can click through it

  • Lighthouse - scores, offers 11 step process for manual testing, but lookout https://www.matuzo.at/blog/building-the-most-inaccessible-site-possible-with-a-perfect-lighthouse-score/

    • also gives you manual check items to follow up on
  • Wave primarily for Headers

    • screen readers really truly use headers, so having h2 after h3 causes it to go down then go back up
  • tota11y Audit plugin - from Khan

    • WAVE can also be a WP plugin, and they can be bundled together - #todo install these on Dev
    • not only highlights element issues, but also makes recommendations about everything, including color
    • has a screenreader wand and show what SR would actually say
  • Site Approve

Use built-in features of mobile devices to test

Scott O'Hara SVG and Accessibility -- inline SVG use title to equivalent to alt-text, regular SVG in IMG tag just use alt-text

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