Context Help Message Component

Add the LC to the page layout of a record, and set the primary, secondary, and/or tertiary values to the API names of the field values to use. The values returned by these field names are used to construct the URL to retrieve a Markdown file from, using the Jumpstart public Github repo as the base:{sObject API Name}/{value of primary field}/{value of secondary field}/{value of tertiary field}.md

The sObject name will be used as a root, with the custom object naming scheme deleted so that "Custom__c" will be sent as "custom". The last of the variables set will be used as the file name, with a ".md" appended onto the end. Spaces in the field value will be replaced with underscores. If there is no primary field entered, it will try to load{sObject API Name}/ to display generic help.

The Markdown is then loaded and parsed and added to the component.

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